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An endless amount of possibilities in Los Braseros Restaurant


Our restaurant reserves an exclusive corner to satisfy the most demanding palates. It is an establishment of traditional character where you can recreate your taste and buy typical products of Spanish cuisine. You will find a large selection of high-quality, exclusive food products on the counter, representing the best of every region. There is a bit of everything: sausages, cheeses, confectionery, nuts and dry fruits…an entire catalogue of products to bring a culinary memory home after your stay in our restaurant. You can directly taste your purchases on one of our tables or bring them home. We particularly recommend our lamb roasted in a wood-burning oven, a dish that has received excellent reviews from our guests.


The Wood-burning oven is one of the biggest attractions for our restaurant. There’s no better way to enjoy a good oven-roasted meal than tasting the region’s freshest and most succulent meat! The chops, the lamb, the chorizo, the suckling pig and our famous lamb dish roasted in a wood-burning oven. You have an extensive menu to choose from. All our dishes are cooked with care and professionalism by our expert chef, specialised in wood-burning oven cuisine. Treat yourself and enjoy these exquisite dishes and a time that you will surely remember.


Would you like to buy a gift during your day of celebration? We have also thought about this. In our facilities we have a gift shop, being baptised Rincón del Capricho (Indulgences Corner). It is an exhibition of unique, hand-made pieces, souvenirs, textiles, music or decorations among which you can choose something to serve as a memory of the celebration. Visit our exhibitor and surprise your most loved ones, expressing your affection with a unique and original gift. You can choose between a multitude of possibilities, hundreds of exclusive articles adapted for all ages and conditions, according to your preferences.


In Los Braseros Restaurant we suggest that you enjoy our peaceful, family restaurant where you can eat or have a snack. The cafeterias are ideal to enjoy your time while waiting for your guests. In our cafeterias you can choose between different types of tapas from our varied menu. Tasty and exquisite appetizers are great for giving you an appetite for your meal. Or if you prefer, you can opt for a stew or a mixed platter, prepared to your liking. If you prefer to have a relaxed drink, we provide you with a highly-varied drinks menu, which includes an extensive selection of wines of different brands and years. Choose your favourite wine and enjoy. We have also thought about the option of breakfast or brunch, where you can try, if you so wish, one of our pastries or homemade churros (strips of fried dough) with the best chocolate or coffee. Share a relaxed soirée in a welcoming setting with the best company. Ask about all the possibilities that we offer you in our cafeterias. You can reserve tables for your informal, group brunches or carry out any kind of celebration, dinner or aperitif at any time of day.


In all kinds of events it is important to take care of the smaller guests, to make sure they are excited and having fun so that they enjoy the event just as much as the adults. Because of this, in Los Braseros Restaurant we have put together a large, grassed area where the children can let themselves go. It is made up of an infant playground with swings and a sports pitch so that they remain safe while playing. It is possible to install a bouncing castle. The area is carefully prepared for playing, always with the necessary security measures so that the little ones enjoy themselves without any problems. Consequently the parents can relax and enjoy themselves with their guests. Our outdoor area offers an endless amount of possibilities due to its sheer size and unique beauty. It is the ideal place for photo shoots since it has beautiful gardens with a pond. It is a rural space where you can find the necessary serenity to enjoy a pretty stroll accompanied by your guests.