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6 large events rooms to choose the best place for your ceremony

Los Braseros Restaurant has up to 6 available events rooms so that you can choose which is better suited to the needs of your celebration. They are very large, elegant and distinguished rooms, prepared in great detail with the aim of creating a welcoming and enjoyable setting. Your guests will feel comfortable and well-attended in our establishment, the perfect place for a special occasion.

Salón Ana María (Ana María Events Room)

This events room is one of the most attractive in our restaurant. A recently designed, jewel-like room, well worth considering. Modern and stylish, with a pleasant blue and ivory decoration, it is a pleasurable place to celebrate your event due to its size and utter brightness. It is admired for its Avant-Garde decoration and splendid views of the garden. Weather permitting, it is possible to assemble a small terrace next to the room.

Gran Salón Cuatro Estaciones (Four Seasons Events Room)

From a single glance it is truly impressing. It is the most modern events room in our restaurant and also the room with the largest capacity, seating up to 500 guests to enjoy this room. It is ideal for celebrating important events with large numbers of guests. Its size is in keeping with its quality, since it is perfectly prepared to fulfil the needs of all the guests it seats.

Enjoy yourself in this beautiful room with its elegant scenery, where two beautiful, 18th century carriages stand out which give a stately feeling to this events room. Nobody misses its picturesque decoration and its utter brightness provided by its peculiar lamps. We know that conserving the memory of a beautiful place is important for the hosts and hostesses because they will be the images that live on in our memories forever.

Because if its peculiar beauty and spaciousness, Gran Salón Cuatro Estaciones events room is a unique and incomparable setting to carry out your celebration. A magical place, from the movies, where you can live unforgettable moments.

Salón Las Bóvedas (The Vaults Events Room)

A simply incomparable events room. Doing its name honour, it stands out due to its striking vaults that truly impress the visitor. Its majestic paintings secure a solemn character for your celebration.

This statuesque events room was perfectly and largely restored in 2006 and has become one of the favourites with our customers. Due to its simplicity, elegance and outstanding capacity, it is the ideal place for important celebrations.

Salón Las Bóvedas, ne of the most representative parts of our facilities, accommodates all kinds of celebrations, from summer festivals, end of year soirées or different shows. Get in contact with us to find out about the possibility of requesting this peculiar events room, adaptable to all kinds of parties. On special occasions when the host or hostess needs a larger capacity, the room may be connected to Salón Las Viñas to more comfortably accommodate the guests.

Salón Vendimia (The Grape Harvest Events Room)

This multiuse events room dazzles the eye because of its colour combination and decorative taste. Part of its decoration that stands out are two enormous, old, framed paintings which give the room a classic, stately aspect.

Salón Vendimia has been used for very different celebrations since its warm and inviting tone can be moulded to any event. Inside the room you can hold exhibitions, literary presentations, business meetings, civil ceremonies and an endless amount of possibilities.

Consult your possibility of using this events room. It can be connected to the Salón Las Bóvedas events room for large celebrations.

Salón El Lago (The Lake Events Room)

Salón El Lago is an extension of Salón Ana María and one of the restaurant’s most modern dining rooms. It is especially designed for spring and summer, when the weather allows the use of its unbeatable garden area to be enjoyed in all its splendour.

Its variety allows it to be transformed according to the needs of the celebrations. It provides the ideal scenery for a wedding celebration, a communion or a baptism, where the guest will have enough space to move about and feel comfortable. Thanks to its large size, it can easily accommodate its guests and provides a big, open space to enjoy the food and after-dinner conversation.

Also, due to being next to the gardens, it can be an ideal place for the smaller family members who can enjoy the recreational areas of our facilities. Consult the possibilities of celebrating a birthday or a communion, enjoying the fun entertainment, bouncing castles and other suitable options.

Salón de la Abuela (Grandmother’s Events Room)

Salón de la Abuela is particularly charming. It reminds its guests of typical, old-fashioned restaurants of times gone by, from a movie scene. Rustic in style and dun/sky-blue in colour, it is made up of wood and wickerwork. Its rural beauty gives its guests a tranquil, intimate setting, perfect for family celebrations.

It was recently reformed, in 2006, when they installed a skylight which makes the room very bright. Also, you can enjoy a warm fireplace whose wooden interior makes it favourable in the winter. This is yet another, equally-attractive option for your celebration.